The EnniTeam

The company is runned by our Family "Enni".

 father & son, we are very enthusiastic sailors and dedicated to the Islands. 

Sail with us, as we can contribute to make your holidays unforgettable!

Birgir  & Hávarður Enni

The company Enniway

First of all, we want to give you a wide Faroese experience. With Enniway-boats as your base, you have both: a cozy living

with friends and family and a boat to

sail and experience the huge

and pure nature of Faroes.

You can fish and dive

(also for food), hike and sail

around the wonderful islands. 

Traveling this way, you will

experience the culture and the

islanders in their cozy friendly

atmosphere that Faroese is known of.

Sailing around

The Islands are small in size, so with a 2 weeks holidays is possible to reach most

of the Islands. On each Island there are sheltered harbours. You will find a good place for the night, as well, to leave the boat and go for hikes and tours.  

That´s Faroes through our eyes

The Faroe Islands has an extraordinary oceanic climate on an exceptional location.

The landscape characterised by bold cliffs facing the rough sea is an incredible scenery with wildlife.

Exposed in the middle of the Atlantic, the weather can change very rapidly, and so the skies formation, giving the most beautiful and dramatic lights.

We are sure this will be something you will enjoy during your time here.

About us 

Enniway was born on 01 th

May 2005, when we bought “Bianca model 420 ” and sailed her to the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn. More then 18 years experience with chartering and sailing around the islands give you the support for a very unique holidays. Birgir started sailing with people onboard Norðlýsið in early 1990, and Hávarður was onboard as deckhand, serving fish and shellfish from the fjords.We have sailed out from Tórshavn all years, but visit most places in Faroes.