Hestur, trip

The island of Hestur.

The scenic small island of Hestur is located 9 sea miles South west of Tórshavn, and it can be reached by boat in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The island’s only village is located on the East side and it is sparsely populated with approximately 15 inhabitants. The ferry connection to the mainland is limited to only two daily departures, which secures the serenity of the small village.

The West side of the island offers more drama as it is the location of spectacular “nature experiences”.The sea cliffs decorated by natural graffiti from the birds where you will feel like a spectator at a “xx” and the world largest sea cave, Klæmintsgjógv.

Our tour starts in Tórshavn marina, where the captain, Hávarður, will greet you and welcome you on board the sailboat, Enniway, which is moored near the cosy café, Umami. When we are ready, we will release the moorings and sail towards the island of Hestur.

During the 1,5 hour sail trip, you will enjoy the fresh sea air and the relaxing sound of the boat making its way through the sea. We will sail near land and you will be able to spot different species of birds and peckish sheep that have taken the walk down to eat seaweed at slack water.

As the boat reaches the southern tip of Hestur - the Tail, as it is named by the locals - we will pass by a site of “eitt sindur” av tidal currents. The experienced captain navigates the boat with high accuracy, and it is very safe. It is very fascinating to see and feel how much impact the current has on the boat.

The sail trip around the island begins on the west side, where we will sail very near the cliffs so you can experience all the colours, birds nesting and structure of the landscape/ cliffs. The most common birds we see are, Northern Fulmar, Guillemot, black Guillemot, European Shag and Stercorarius skua. On the sea, we very often meet Puffins, even a few Gannets.

At first the cliffs are small and humble, but as we sail North, the cliffs gradually rise to 280 meters. The cliffs are home to a “xx” number of birds, and there is a lot of “gorran og geylan”. The beautifully decorated by white graffiti from the flying birds. And the whole setting is very picturesque.

Klæmintsgjógv, said to be the world largest sea cave, its easily accessible by dingy, So we can sail by dingy into the cave, sitting in the dingy on a trip in to the cave, is a very special experience as sitting almost in the water, sailing so close to the caves, cliffs with all its colours on and birds.

Duration: 6 - 7 hours with stop over in village.

Price: 5800,-DKK