Nólsoy trip

Come along on a sailboat tour to small and picturesque island, Nólsoy.

Despite its proximity to the capital (6km), Nólsoy offers a different pace of life. With about 230 inhabitants and limited ferry connection with mainland area, Nólsoy is a nice getaway for people of all ages.

The island is also home to a thriving wildlife. The world largest European storm petrol colony is found on Nólsoy, and in summer time you can be sure to spot puffins in the sea and on land.

Our tour starts in Tórshavn marina, where the captain, Hávarður, will greet you and welcome you onboard our sailboat, Enniway, that you will find moored near the café, Umami.

When all is rigged and ready, we will release the moorings and head in the direction of Nólsoy. During the 30 minutes fjord crossing, you will enjoy the fresh sea air and the relaxing sound of the boat making its way through the sea.

Depending on the wind and the currents, we will sail in the direction that provides the most comfortable sailing conditions.

Accompanied by the sea birds, we will sail along the coast of Nólsoy and approach the bustling cliffs that many species call home. There will be good opportunities to see beautiful, endemic plants and greet the always curious sheep.

After the sailing trip around Nólsoy, you will get 30 minutes to go ashore and visit the little village on the island, before we head back to Tórshavn.


- Despite the summerdays being long and bright, sailing in the Faroes can be cold. Therefore, we recommend that you dress in layers ( wind and water proof clothes ) for the sailing trip.

Duration: 4 hours

price: 4100,-kr DKK

-As an optional extra, you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner with local and seasonal ingredients to be enjoyed during the sailing trip.